Champions/photos from National Cup XIV West Regional

Congratulations to all the winners from the National Cup XIV West Regional. Please click the photos below to enlarge each picture.

U-11 Boys Super Group: MPC Elite ’03 (Calif.) U-11 Girls Super Group: Union City SC Fillies (Calif.)
U-11 Boys Premier Group: Davis Legacy Newcastle ’04 (Calif.) U-11 Girls Premier Group:
U-12 Boys Super Group: Ajax United ’03 Green (Calif.) U-12 Girls Super Group: Central California Soccer Alliance ’02 Black (Calif.)
U-12 Boys Premier Group: North Bay Elite FC ’02 Barcelona Blue (Calif.) U-12 Girls Premier Group: SLA Nomads (Calif.)
U-13 Boys Super Group: Sacramento United ’01 Reds (Calif.) U-13 Girls Super Group: Sacramento United SC Extreme Red (Calif.)
U-13 Boys Premier Group: Apple Valley SC Storm Academy (Calif.) U-13 Girls Premier Group: California Odyssey ’01 (Calif.)
U-14 Boys Super Group: EVFC Earthquakes ’00 (Calif.) U-14 Girls Super Group: Davis SC Legacy ’01 Red (Calif.)
U-14 Boys Premier Group: Napa United Academy Red (Calif.) U-14 Girls Premier Group:
U-15 Boys Super Group: Marin FC ’00 Blue (Calif.) U-15 Girls Super Group: California Magic ’99 (Calif.)
U-15 Boys Premier Group: Pateadores SC Riverside (Calif.) U-15 Girls Premier Group: Woodland SC Arsenal (Calif.)
U-16 Boys Super Group: FC Golden State Premier ’98 (Calif.) U-16 Girls Super Group: FC Elk Grove ’98 Platinum (Calif.)
U-16 Boys Premier Group: FC Golden State (Calif.) U-16 Girls Premier Group: Davis Legacy ’99 White (Calif.)
U-17 Boys Super Group: San Jose Earthquakes (Calif.) U-17 Girls Super Group: PSV Union FC ’97 (Calif.)
U-17 Boys Premier Group: NOVA Alliance ’98 (Calif.) U-17 Girls Premier Group:
U-18/19 Boys Super Group: FC Golden State White (Calif.) U-18/19 Girls Super Group: Davis Legacy ’98 (Calif.)