US Club Soccer administers and sanctions leagues throughout the country for various age groups, competitive levels and geographic sizes and areas. These league platforms are all created with similar principles and guidelines, and collectively provide a full competition spectrum for modern clubs:

National Premier Leagues (NPL):

NPL_logo_blk_gldThe pinnacle of US Club Soccer leagues

The NPL provides a unified, club-based national developmental platform with the highest level of competition in its geographic areas.

Created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape based upon US Club Soccer’s fundamental principles, the NPL extends developmental principals espoused by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy into younger age groups and additional clubs, providing a platform for long-term player development.

Premier Leagues:

Premier_Leagues_logoHighly competitive leagues

Premier Leagues are created with similar philosophies as the U.S. Soccer Developmental Academy, Elite Clubs National League, and National Premier Leagues (NPL), but with unique structures for participating clubs and teams.

Premier Leagues may be club- or team-based, depending upon the structure and desires of participants. Additionally, league sizes are created to ensure that overnight stays for competitions are not required.

Youth Competitive Leagues:

Locally competitive leagues

Beyond the above leagues, US Club Soccer also sanctions hundreds of additional leagues throughout the country of various age groups (youth and adult), competitive levels and geographic sizes and areas.

Generally, these leagues include quality, local competition without significant travel or club commitments required. US Club Soccer affords the flexibility for decisions to be made that are in the best interest of the specific league, participating teams and players.

Rec & Community Programs:

Participatory-based programs / leagues

Primarily in-house or intramural in nature, rec programs benefit from easy registration and a reduced registration fee to go along with US Club Soccer’s philosophy of eliminating red tape and over-regulation. Rec players generally do not receive passcards as it is not expected they will travel.

In all other respects, rec programs have the same rights as all other US Club Soccer members, including insurance coverage, tournament sanctioning, etc.

U-23 & Adult Leagues:

Maintain membership for life

US Club Soccer provides a vehicle through which clubs can offer life-long soccer to their members.

An example of a competitive adult league is the National Adult Leagues-Northeast Division. For more information, contact US Club Soccer Membership Services Representative Mike Gould at [email protected].