Premier Leagues

Premier League LogoPremier League Standards – Dec. 14, 2012 [.pdf]

Building on the success of the National Premier Leagues (NPL) and the principle that league-based competition is the primary means for long-term player development and growth of the game, US Club Soccer has created the Premier Leagues platform, a network of leagues in local, statewide and similar geographic regions for competitive clubs and teams.

A group of nine leagues from across the country have been designated as part of the Premier Leagues platform:

Alliance Premier Soccer League (Ohio and Pa.) Carolina Premier League (N.C. and S.C.)
NorCal Premier League (Calif.)* Indiana Champions League (Ind.)
Northern Illinois Soccer League (Ill.)* Major Island Soccer Organization (Hawaii)
New York Club Soccer League (N.Y.)* Washington State Premier League (Wash.)*

* The second division of these leagues is part of the Premier Leagues platform, while the top division is part of the NPL platform. This integrated structure allows for movement between divisions within these leagues.

Premier Leagues are created with similar philosophies as the NPL, as well as the U.S. Soccer Developmental Academy and Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), but with unique structures for participating clubs and teams.

While US Club Soccer’s emphasis on club development led to a club-based structure for the NPL, one of the differentiating factors in the Premier Leagues platform is the allowance for more team-based competition due to the smaller geographic region that each league covers (for example, no overnight stays are necessary). In areas with existing NPLs, the new Premier Leagues platform will extend opportunities to more clubs.

In addition to competing for league championships, qualifiers from each Premier League will meet for a Regional Premier Leagues Championship in future years, eventually culminating in a Premier Leagues national championship event. Qualification paths will be based on the number of leagues, regional travel logistics and calendar considerations.

Among the benefits to Premier Leagues is integration into US Club Soccer’s id2 Program and Player Development Programs, to allow opportunities for selected players to participate in these Olympic Development Program-sanctioned programs.

In selected markets, Premier Leagues may also operate a state championship event on behalf of US Club Soccer, many of which may serve as qualifiers for the National Cup Finals. Teams in the Premier Leagues may receive “mid-stage” entry into state championship competitions in which they participate based on their Premier League competition results.

For more information on the Premier Leagues platform, contact your US Club Soccer Membership Services Representative.