Recreation & Community


US Club Soccer offers recreational (“rec”) membership to youth clubs, leagues or programs that are primarily in-house or intramural in nature. Rec programs benefit from easy registration and a reduced registration fee in addition to US Club Soccer’s philosophy of eliminating red tape and over-regulation.

Rec programs may be part of an existing (competitive) club, or they may be an entirely separate stand-alone league or program. Two types of rec programs are offered:

Rec (in-house): This is the most common category, in which passcards are not issued as travel is not expected. In all other respects, in-house rec programs have the same rights as all other US Club Soccer members, including insurance coverage and tournament sanctioning. Proof of birth is checked at the club or league level, and medical consent and waiver forms, while required, are also retained at the local level.

Super rec: Teams that have limited competition against similar programs in the same geographical area (but are not competitive, travel teams) can be classified as Super Rec, and receive player passcards. This program is limited and approval must be obtained from your Membership Services Representative.


To join as a rec or super rec program/league, please contact your respective US Club Soccer General Manager.