Sanction Your League

For newly formed or existing leagues/rec programs not sanctioned by US Club Soccer:

In order to apply to sanction your league or rec program with US Club Soccer, please submit the following documents via email to [email protected]:

  1. A completed and signed league/rec program sanctioning application
  2. Bylaws/policies
  3. Disciplinary rules/procedures

US Club Soccer staff will respond shortly after your application submission.

If you are an individual club or team interested in joining an already-existing US Club Soccer-sanctioned league, please contact the league directly.

Renew sanctioning for existing leagues/rec programs:

For leagues currently sanctioned by US Club Soccer who wish to renew sanctioning with US Club Soccer, please contact your Membership Services Representative no later than three months prior to the expiration date of your current sanctioning agreement. Please also submit a league/rec program sanctioning application if anything has changed since the last application you submitted.

For more information:

Please contact your Membership Services Representative.