Reduce screen time with these book recommendations (via Onrise)

Editor’s Note (May 23, 2023): This article was submitted by Onrise, which we have partnered with this May for Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Reducing screen time can have great benefits to your mental health. It can improve your sleep and posture, increase your exercise levels, deepen connections, and even improve cognitive function. Hop off your phone and enjoy a good book or memoir about sports: 

  1. “Forward: A Memoir” by Abby Wambach – This memoir by soccer star Abby Wambach is a powerful and inspiring account of her career, her activism for women’s sports, and her personal life.
  2. “In the Water They Can’t See You Cry: A Memoir” by Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard – In this memoir, Amanda Beard shares her journey to becoming an Olympic champion and the challenges she faced along the way, including body image issues and mental health struggles.
  3. “On the Line” by Serena Williams – In this memoir, tennis star Serena Williams shares her experiences on and off the court, including her struggles with injuries, racism, and sexism in the sport.
  4. “Open Heart, Open Mind” by Clara Hughes – This memoir by Canadian cyclist and speed skater Clara Hughes chronicles her struggles with depression and her journey to becoming an Olympic champion.
  5. 5. “The National Team: The Inside Story of the Women Who Changed Soccer” by Caitlin Murray – This book tells the story of the US women’s national soccer team and their journey to becoming one of the most successful and influential sports teams in the world.


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The Onrise Player Care Program provides a complete, whole-person wellness program that considers each athlete’s unique life experiences and biopsychosocial status to secure progress in all areas of their lives – not just on the pitch.

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