Registration Platform Transition Update: Action items for org admins

April 20, 2021

Dear administrators of US Club Soccer member organizations,

As a follow up to the prior update, please read below for action items regarding the transition of US Club Soccer’s national registration platform from SportsEngine to GotSport.

ACTION ITEMS to complete now, ahead of the 2021-22 registration year:

1. Ensure you are able to log into your individual user and member organization GotSport accounts. [See instructions in the “How to Access Your Account in GotSport” section.]

In GotSport, your member organization account has been created (if it did not already exist) and affiliated with US Club Soccer. Additionally, you (as a recipient of this email) have been provided org admin access to your member organization account. As part of that process, if you did not previously have an individual user account in GotSport tied to the email address to which this email was sent, one was created for you.

2. Add other org admins to your member organization account, if needed. [Help Article: Add Org Users]

3. Review and set permissions for your org admins, if needed. [Help Article: Editing an Admin’s Module Permissions]

4. Register for a live Phase 1 online training session, or watch a previously recorded session, via the Welcome to GotSport onboarding web page.

Recordings from previous trainings are available, and new (live) trainings have been added to the schedule, which includes evening and Spanish-language trainings. One-on-one training opportunities will also be available, but we recommend that you first attend a scheduled Phase 1 online training session.

5. Review the 2021-22 / Transition to GotSport web page on, which includes FAQs. We encourage you to bookmark that page and visit it periodically.

 6. Sync (existing) or add (new) players and staff to your member organization account. [Help Article: Transferring Data From Previous US Club System

Players and staff registered in 2019-20 and 2020-21 (through January) via the US Club Soccer National Registration System, powered by SportsEngine, have been loaded into a “staging table” in each member org’s account in GotSport. Read more here.

7. Add proof of birth (POB) documentation for new or unverified players. [Help Article: Club Administrator – Add Documents to a Player Profile]

Doing so now will make for a more efficient 2021-22 registration process, primarily because US Club Soccer administrators are verifying these POBs now, rather than waiting until a registration/passcard is purchased as in the past few years.

Please make sure to sync existing players first (#6 above), if applicable, so they are added to your member organization account as already being verified.

8. Add headshot photos. [Help Article: Add/Edit a Player Photo]

Headshot photos are not being transferred from the US Club Soccer National Registration System, powered by SportsEngine.


  1. Visit
  2. Log in to your account if you have existing GotSport credentials. If you don’t have existing GotSport credentials or are otherwise having trouble logging in, please click “Forgot Password?” and complete that process. If you still have trouble accessing your account, please email
  3. Once signed in, access your organization’s account via your dashboard.

It’s important to note that GotSoccer is the technology vendor’s company name, and it is also sometimes used to refer to the GotSoccer Legacy platform, which is being phased out. GotSport is GotSoccer’s newer platform, which will be used for US Club Soccer registration.

Accordingly, account login credentials from the GotSoccer Legacy (old) platform will not work to access the new GotSport platform. A new account must be claimed or created.


As indicated above, if you are having issues accessing your GotSport account, please email

If you have other questions, please contact your respective US Club Soccer membership administrator.


Thanks in advance for your time.



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