Logging in


  1. Select “Log in to KYCK Play” from the “Resources” dropdown on any usclubsoccer.org web page.
  2. Enter your current US Club Soccer credentials (those you used with the previous system, unless you changed them).
  3. The first time you log in, you will receive an auto-generated email from [email protected]. You must click the link included in the email in order to confirm your account. Please check your junk/spam folder if the email does not appear in your inbox.
  4. Select your current organization to manage.

All of the data previously existing in your account should be available in the new platform.

Errors / If you’re unable to log in:

“Registrar’s Email Not Found:”

  1. Instead of clicking “Login,” go to “Create an Account”
  2. Use your current email address and password
  3. Check your email for instructions

“Other Staff – Email Not Found:”

  1. If this message appears, check with your registrar to update your current email address
  2. Once your address is updated, check your email for instructions

Error Notice:

  • If you get an error notice, click on “Forgot Password” and check your email for instructions.

If you still cannot log in, check with your club registrar first to make sure the organization is active before emailing your respective US Club Soccer administrator.