Player Registration

Registration is required of all players participating in US Club Soccer-operated or -sanctioned programming. Players who are not currently registered with US Club Soccer are not allowed to participate in US Club Soccer programming, nor are they covered by US Club Soccer insurance.

Please also reference the other pages within the “Registration” section of, including Staff Registration and Registration Platform and Webinars.

Overview of US Club Soccer Player Registration Process:

  1. Registrars or staff with appropriate permissions from member clubs/organizations submit US Club Soccer player registrations. For competitive players, this is completed via US Club Soccer’s National Registration System, powered by SportsEngine. For rec players, this is completed via the Rec or Super Rec registration spreadsheets (#R-003R or #R-003SR), available here.
  2. US Club Soccer administrators verify and approve player registrations. Players are insured and able to participate at this point. If there are any issues that prevent approval, US Club Soccer will leave a message for the corresponding player (“User Response Required” status).
  3. The player registrations are then submitted by US Club Soccer to the FIFA/U.S. Soccer National Data Center.
  4. Once the FIFA/U.S. Soccer NDC review is complete and approved, the FIFA and U.S. Soccer ID numbers will be added to the player’s record. If there are any ITC or related issues that need to be addressed, the player’s passcard/registration will be deactivated until those are resolved.

General / Other:

Each player (or in the case of a minor, his or her parent) must complete the corresponding Youth or Adult Player Registration Waiver Form, available on the Forms & Documents web page.

FIFA/U.S. Soccer Federation Player Registration Initiatives:

Beginning with the 2018-19 registration year (as of July 1, 2018), all player registration requests must pass the FIFA/U.S. Soccer National Data Center review process. As part of that, the U.S. Soccer Federation is requiring completion of “country of birth”, “country(ies) of citizenship”, and “Has the player ever registered and participated in soccer activities outside of the U.S. with a foreign team” fields (ITC fields) for players participating:

  • on professional teams and any amateur/youth team that has a legal, financial or de facto tie to a professional team^
  • in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup
  • in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy

For all other players, these ITC fields will be optional. These ITC fields are in addition to the fields currently required as part of US Club Soccer’s player registration process, including: name (as displayed on the proof of birth), address (of a parent if player is a minor), email address (of a parent if player is a minor), date of birth, phone and gender.

^ The spirit of the professional affiliation is to identify clubs receiving value from the professional affiliation; examples include (but aren’t limited to) using professional team name and marks, coach exchange, scouting of players, pipeline to professional club, free/discounted kits, etc.

How this information will be used: This information will be used by FIFA and U.S. Soccer primarily for the purposes of assigning and maintaining unique player identification numbers, and for complying with FIFA international clearance (ITC) requirements.

ApplicabilityThese initiatives apply to all players – recreational, competitive and adult – registering through any U.S. Soccer Member Organization (ex: US Club Soccer, AYSO, US Youth Soccer state associations, etc.).

Registration resource updatesRevisions have been made to the following US Club Soccer-aligned registration tools in accordance with these initiatives:

  • US Club Soccer’s National Registration System, powered by SportsEngine. Updates have been made to the player data profiles and import tool. With the import tool, please ensure any country field is formatted using the Alpha-2 code of the ISO-3166-1 standard. The import will be rejected if this format is not used.
  • SportsEngine Registration. This is the SportsEngine platform parents use to register their children directly with their club, which includes US Club Soccer-specific data fields and sync with the US Club Soccer National Registration System.
  • Rec and Super Rec registration spreadsheets. These are available here as forms #R003-R and #R003-SR. New columns for the optional ITC fields have been added, and the spreadsheets now contain three tabs.
  • Youth/Adult Player Registration Form. The updated version of this form will be posted shortly.

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