GotSport FAQs


  1. What is the difference between GotSoccer and GotSport?
    GotSoccer is the company name and also sometimes used to refer to the original/legacy platform (now GotSoccer Legacy), which is being phased out. GotSport is GotSoccer’s newer platform, which is being used for US Club Soccer registration.
  2. Are players and staff from the National Registration System, powered by SportEngine, being migrated into GotSport?
    Yes. Players and staff registered in 2019-20 and 2020-21 (through end of January 2021) have been loaded into a “staging table” in each member org’s GotSport account. (We anticipate additional players and staff being added subsequently to capture those who register between February 1 and July 31, 2021.) Please note that headshot photos in SportsEngine will not be migrated to GotSport. For more information and instructions to add (and verify) those players and staff into your org account, please review this help article.
  3. How do I access, and what do I need to know about, my user account or club/member org account in GotSport?

    Instructions are available here.

    Club/member org accounts: As part of the transition, club/member org accounts were created (if it did not already exist) and affiliated with US Club Soccer in GotSport. These accounts are accessible by org admins and other staff with permissions by toggling to the org via one’s user account dashboard.

    Org admins: At least one org admin was provided access to any new member org account and notified via email. As part of that, a user account was created for each new org admin who didn’t already exist in GotSport.

    Player/parent user accounts: Instructions/context being added shortly.

    General notes:
    GotSport user accounts are tied to a specific email address, so please be sure the email address you use to log into your GotSport user account is the same one used by your member org.

    Of note, your account login credentials from the GotSoccer Legacy (old) platform will not work to access the new GotSport platform. A new GotSport account must be claimed or created.
  4. Does an org admin lose functionality with a player’s account if the player/parent has access?
    No. The org admin retains access and full functionality to the player’s account even if the player/parent also has access.