Creating a resume for lifelong athletes (via Onrise)

Editor’s Note (May 22, 2023): This article was submitted by Onrise, which US Club Soccer has partnered with this May for Mental Health Awareness month.

  1. Communication – How did you effectively do this on your team? With your coaches? With your teachers or professors? 
  2. Time management – How did you effectively balance playing a sport and your education? Quantify your hourly dedication a week towards your sport. 
  3. Self-discipline/motivation – What extra hours did you put in when your coach wasn’t looking? Did you show up to physical therapy when you were injured?  
  4. Commitment– Playing sports at a high level is a big commitment. How did you show up every day even through injury?  
  5. Leadership – Even if you were not a captain, how did you show up as a leader for your team?  
  6. Works well under pressure – What was a time when you had to show up for your team, and you excelled? Have these moments in your back pocket for an interview.  
  7. Resilience – What adversities did you face along the way? Did you have to drive far distances to practice? Did you have to work towards earning a spot on varsity?  
  8. Teamwork – How do you build relationships with people? How does your ability to work well with others transfer to a workspace? 
  9. Being coachable – Ask your coach for a quick testimonial/reference to your ability to be coached. How do you respond to feedback? Do you implement feedback? If brief, include the quote in your resume or cover letter. 


Onrise is a compassionate mental health and player care company on a mission to provide care and support to athletes across the nation. Athletes face extreme physical and psychological demands, as well as the typical pressures of managing their lives off the field, which can lead to extraordinary complexity and suffering that cannot be effectively addressed with standard approaches to wellness.

The Onrise Player Care Program provides a complete, whole-person wellness program that considers each athlete’s unique life experiences and biopsychosocial status to secure progress in all areas of their lives – not just on the pitch.

Contact Onrise to set up a screening to support and protect the athlete in your life.


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