Who Must Register



Pursuant to Policy 4.07, US Club Soccer staff registration is required of all Direct Adult Participants (DAPs), except for players who have no other DAP role, as a condition to participation in activities within US Club Soccer’s jurisdiction and with US Club Soccer-registered Minor Athletes.

Without limitation, this includes individuals in the following roles:

  • Member Organization Board of Directors
  • Member Organization executives, directors, coaches, managers, administrators and other staff who have Regular Contact with or authority over Minor Athletes, regardless of whether the individual is an employee, independent contractor, or volunteer
  • Anyone traveling as a member of a team delegation
  • id2 / PDP staff and coaches
  • Sports medicine/health care professionals/athletic trainers
    • Considered DAPs if part of the Member Organization
    • Considered Third-party Adult Participants (TPAPs) if contracted from a hospital, healthcare system or similar organization
  • Referee assignors, coordinators or other referee staff having Regular Contact with or authority over Minor Athletes (DAP or TPAP)

DAPs who are not registered with US Club Soccer are not allowed to participate in US Club Soccer activities or with US Club Soccer-registered Minor Athletes. Member Organizations are responsible for compliance, and those who are not in compliance are subject to disqualification, corrective action, disciplinary action and/or termination.


  • Activities within US Club Soccer’s jurisdiction: Includes not only activities directly operated by US Club Soccer, but also sanctioned and related activities operated by Member Organizations (ex: clubs), including, but not limited to, practices/training, scrimmages, sanctioned league and tournament activities, team travel, applicable off-field activities and other In-Program Contact.

  • Adult Participant: Any adult (18 years of age or older) US Club Soccer or a Member Organization authorizes, approves or appoints to have Regular Contact or authority over Minor Athletes in activities within US Club Soccer’s jurisdiction. There are two types of Adult Participants:

    • Direct Adult Participant (DAP): Directly affiliated with US Club Soccer or a Member Organization.

    • Third-party Adult Participant (TPAP): Not directly affiliated with US Club Soccer or a Member Organization, such as athletic trainers from a hospital/healthcare system that a Member Organization uses for a game(s). (Please reference Section 13 of US Club Soccer’s Policy Manual for information about requirements for TPAPs.)

  • Authority: When one person’s position over another person is such that, based on the totality of the circumstances, they have the power or right to direct, control, give orders to, or make decisions for that person. See also the Power Imbalance definition in the SafeSport Code.

  • In-Program Contact: Any contact (including communications, interactions, or activities) between an Adult Participant and any Minor Athlete related to participation in sport. Examples include, but are not limited to, competition, practices, camps/clinics, training/instructional sessions, pre-/post-game meals or outings, team travel, review of game film, team- or sport-related relationship-building activities, celebrations, award ceremonies, banquets, team- or sport-related fundraising or community service, sport education or competition site visits.

  • Minor Athlete: Any individual under 18 years old who participants in activities within US Club Soccer’s jurisdiction. This includes, but is not limited to, players, coaches and referees who are minors.

  • Regular Contact: Ongoing interactions during a 12-month period, wherein an Adult Participant is in a role of direct and active engagement with any Minor Athlete(s).