US Club Soccer Registrar Newsletter - May 2023 (Second Edition)

Hello registrars,

June 1 is such an important date for all of us, so we believe a second May newsletter is needed!

Missed a newsletter? Previous newsletters can always be reviewed on our website. We have been reviewing clubs without a designated registrar. We have assigned the registrar title to those individuals we thought appropriate. However, if you are not currently the registrar for your organization, please update the user title to the correct person.

New team creation and registration

Now is the time to begin creating your new 2023-24 teams. You can find a reminder of how to create new teams here. Please remember that when creating a team, you will want to select the team age as of that day. The system will automatically update the team age on August 1 and specific event registration automatically update the team’s age according to the event start date. Once your new teams have been created you will be ready to register all your teams for the 2023-24 season on June 1.

2023-24 registration season begins June 1

Beginning June 1, you will see two US Club Soccer Registration/Passcards and Rosters events available for you to register your players and staff to. Please be sure you are selecting the correct event: 2022-23 if a membership is needed before July 1 or 2023-24 if a membership is not needed until after July 1. Affiliating your teams to the 2023-24 season will enable you to then build your teams and purchase your 2023-24 memberships. Memberships purchased for the 2023-24 season in June will become valid on July 1 if all eligibility requirements have been completed.

Did you know you are able to view and remove players/staff that have been added to your cart before purchase?  Go to Club Management > Registration and click on Details in the upper left-hand corner. Any unpaid memberships will be listed first with a red Delete option on the right. Clicking on Delete will remove the player/staff from the cart. When you have only the players you want to purchase listed, click on Summary in the upper left to complete your membership purchases.

Player eligibility requirements

As soon as a player has been added under your club their eligibility requirements can begin to be fulfilled. The goal should be that all requirements are fulfilled by July 1, so you are ready to print all player passcards for the season. Please review the current competitive and recreational player requirements now so you can get your players eligible in a timely manner. Please note that recreational and adult players are not eligible until their R002 requirement is fulfilled and a membership is purchased.

Staff eligibility requirements

You only need to hold off your staff a little bit longer! On June 1, they can begin completing their SafeSport and background checks for the 2023-24 season. Background check processing times vary greatly – especially for international screenings – so we stress how important it is for staff to begin this process well before August 1.

Any questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to contact us!


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