Coach Educators

U.S. Soccer currently has more than 500 licensed grassroots instructors.

  • Multiple “Grassroots Instructor Licenses” are held annually to continue to increase the number of licensed instructors nationwide.

US Club Soccer is able to nominate a certain amount of instructors to each of the U.S. Soccer Instructor Licenses.

* Please note:  U.S. Soccer is currently revising the process to become a Grassroots Instructor and these processes may change. No dates have been announced yet regarding the next Grassroots Instructor license but it will not occur until 2022 at the earliest.


Please contact our administrators for questions related to registration, the Learning Center, or hosting a course:

Ashley Lehr –


Please reach out to the Coach Licensing Technical Leads with questions related to course content, the U.S. Soccer coach education pathway, or instructing a course. Questions can be directed to the technical lead closest to you, or reach out to an admin to direct your question to the correct person.

Beau Morki (Northeast and Southeast) –

Marcie Schwartz (North Central and South Central) –

Brian Seifert (West 1 and West 2) –