Coach Educators

U.S. Soccer currently has more than 500 licensed grassroots instructors.

  • Multiple “Grassroots Instructor Licenses” are held annually to continue to increase the number of licensed instructors nationwide.

US Club Soccer is able to nominate a certain amount of instructors to each of the U.S. Soccer Instructor Licenses.

NOTE: U.S. Soccer is currently revising the process to become a Grassroots Instructor and these processes may change.


Please contact our administrators for questions related to registration, the Learning Center, or hosting a course via


Please reach out to the Coach Licensing Technical Leads with questions related to course content, the U.S. Soccer coach education pathway, or instructing a course. Questions can be directed to the technical lead closest to you, or reach out to an admin to direct your question to the correct person.

Beau Morki (Northeast and Southeast) –

Marcie Schwartz (North Central and South Central) –

Brian Seifert (West 1 and West 2) –

Courtesy of Twin Cities Soccer Leagues
Courtesy of Twin Cities Soccer Leagues